How to become a freelancer? Are you planning to become a #freelancer❓🎥 Here, a little video series on my experiences about the early stage of a #freelancerlife.In this video, I am covering the importance of:🔹self-management🔹financial backup🔹networkingFeel free to comment on your experiences.

A career in Sales?

Happy to deliver our first “ask an expert” video💡🤓 If you are curious about a career in sales watch this 3-minute video and learn about the skills, opportunities, and insight this field has to offer and how women play an important role in the industry!

Graduates, this is my message to you:-)

Graduates, Congratulations on finishing school. One big chapter is done! You may be lost/insecure or not sure what the next chapter should look like… Here my thoughts on how the next chapter could/should look like… wish you all the best on your journey. Merci Mustafa

The Importance of self-management

Managing yourself and recognizing the impact of your EMOTIONS and THOUGHTS are so valuable. Do not let negativity take over and control your mind and actions. Do you truly LOVE what you do? If you like this help a follow friend out with a 👍🏻 #emotionalintelligence #dreamjob #career 🔹Teaser from Read more…