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My name is Mustafa Toga, but everybody calls me Musti.
Over a decade I worked as a Senior Sales Director and Hiring Manager for two major software companies, with a focus on creating and cultivating a culture of winning team and building a talent pool.
My expertise lies in hiring top talents, team building, demand generation, sales, pro-activeness and empathetic listening. I love to work with young talents and be the door opener and trusted advisor throughout the early stage of their career.
It fulfils me to see how young graduates start with little expertise, but with great passion and drive, their career and grow like a flower over time.
One of my biggest professional accomplishment is, that based on my experience as a hiring manager, I wrote a bestselling book called “The Jump: Land your dream job”. The book is about the whole job search process, with tons of practical information that a job seeker needs. In addition, it helps the reader to look inside and understand what is important in life and how to grow and be happy through your career ad personal life.
Without any doubt, my biggest personal accomplishment is that I become the father of a wonderful little baby girl. I am eager to be her hero and clown at the same time?
I am always interested in progress and learning as I understood that progress is the most crucial pillar of happiness. In addition, I love to practice sport as it helps me to sharpen my mind, soul and body.
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