While a career fair has a similar set up to any other professional fairs there is a small yet important difference. At a regular fair, the attending companies are interested in dealing and doing business with you as an attendee. In other words, they are proactively trying to catch your attention and involve you in business discussions to position their products and services. Ultimately the companies want to make a deal/sale with you and therefore there is a natural competition between the participating companies. To better illustrate this scenario, think about the following: the companies are the “hunters” in terms of trying to catch a deal and the attendees are “farmers”, trying to collect information. At a job fair, the attending companies are obviously also interested in you; however, the dynamic changes slightly. Successful companies would like to hire promising students and invest in their future. It is now the attendee (you as a student) who needs to be proactive and shine against the competition (the other students)…

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