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Recently I came across a statistic, which I found on Google, highlighting that recruiters spend on average only six seconds when screening the CV of an applicant.

Six seconds?! Let’s take a look at what can happen in six seconds.

Generally, a person on average blinks 10 times per minute.] Yes, you got it right. It makes one blink every six seconds.

In other words, we have “one blink time” to convince the recruiter to spend more time on our application.

I am not suggesting you take the quoted statistics narrow-minded as I am not 100% sure about there accuracy.

However, also from my experience, it gives an interesting insight and reflects somewhat the reality. Sometime’s it is helpful to put yourself in the shoes of others. Imagine a recruiter. She or he is receiving on average 250 resumes per job posting. It means that the recruiter very quickly needs to separate the wheat from the chaff. From the 250 applicants, only 4-6 will be called in for an interview and only one gets the job.[

Considering all the numbers and statistics provided here, I am sure you understand that there is only a very little time for you to convince the recruiter and hiring manager with your CV and the competition is quite big.

Google also provides many useful tips on how to write your CV and suggested templates. You may also leverage your career service department of your university if applicable.

In a nutshell, all I can say keep it short. Fit it to one page. Make sure it is well organized and formatted. Check for grammar and spelling mistakes. Include a professional picture on it. Highlight key information such as your name, current & previous role/title, and company including start and end date, education, language skills, and your hobbies.

  • Name: I have witnessed that one candidate actually forget to put her name on the CV. Seriously? Yes, seriously. No more comments.
  • Current and Previous roles: highlight in keywords the experience you made so far which will be relevant for the role you are applying. If you are applying for a sales role and have previous experience it is crucial that you highlight any key information such as “calling customers”, “following up on marketing leads”, “worked in the customer service department”, “running specific sales campaigns”.
  • Education: be honest and only list schools, colleges and universities which you have successfully visited and completed. Certain companies do background checks and you don’t want to end up the figure out something which actually is not true.
  • Languages: is it really great to list six – seven languages which out of them you only dominate two-three with minimum advance level? Is it worth to list certain languages where you can barely articulate more than three sentences as “basic skills”? I doubt.
  • Hobbies: If you are lucky you list a hobby which is the same as the one of the hiring manager. Why? Because people like people who are like themselves! As an example, if you like doing Judo and your hiring manager is/was doing it as well he or she may find you more interesting. In addition, certain hobbies can give clues about your personality. I.e. if you list Basketball, the hiring manager may think that you have a winning mentality, drive and that you be a good team player.

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