A job interview is not an one-way communication…

..while it becomes a trend that some companies include in their recruitment process a so-called “one-way” interview. Basically, it is a step where candidates respond to a list of questions via video to present themselves and their skills.

However, the traditional interview where you talk to someone is not intended to be one-way. Keep in mind that the employer has actually a need – they need to hire a new employeer.

As much as you want the role as much the employer is interested to find the right person. This is important to understand as this should balance out the power and control during the interview process.

It is not a boxing match between a heavyweight and a lightweight. It is not David versus Goliath. Both parties are at eye level. You should see an interview as a professional business meeting where you position yourself and understand what type of company you are talking to. 

You should know your value, strengths and what you want and also “challenge” the employer. In other words, ask the relevant questions which are important to you. Let the recruiter validate the points which are unclear to you and verify that you understand correctly the position.

You do not want to start a job which does not fit with your expectations, nor with your values & interest.

In addition to the job-related questions, you could also ask some of the following questions to get more insights about the team/employer:

  • What is the mission of the team?
  • Which are the core values of the company?
  • What would you consider as excellent achievement?
  • What are the potential career development paths?
  • Is there anything you can tell me about the team?
  • Is there anything you can tell me about the hiring manager?
  • Why do you like to work for this company?
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