Dear Graduates, Students, Job-seekers,

You may want to consider following before you head into your next job interview:

Right clothes for the right occasion.
If the dirndl is a no brainer for the traditional German Oktoberfest – neat, clean and professional outfit it is for your next job interview.

Well, we all know the importance of the first impression

I have to admit that luckily there is/was an evolution on work clothes over the last decades. The style in business shifted from strict formal to now smart-casual. Suits and ties are becoming more and rarer.

However, that does not mean you can wear whatever you want to an interview.

CareerBuilder, a global leader in human capital solutions, which is helping companies target and attract great talent did a survey in 2013. They asked 2,201 hiring managers and human resource professionals about the common mistakes candidate make.

Here the top 5:[1]

  • Appearing disinterested – 55%
  • Dressing Inappropriately – 53%
  • Appearing arrogant – 53%
  • Talking negatively about current or previous employers – 50
  • Answering a cell phone or texting during the interview – 49%

Nobody is expecting that you are error-free during a job interview. Given the list above and the nature of the mistakes being easily avoidable – do something about it.

A clean, neat and professional dress is your best bet.

If you are in doubt check beforehand with the recruiter if there is a particular dress code at the company.

Once I had a candidate with a white suit jacket at the interview. It takes some carefulness to wear white clothes. However, this gentleman had his back and shoulder part of his jacket covered with coffee stain. It was impossible not to see it and hence the question is why to wear it?

You are better off with a clean long sleeve button-down shirt than a dirty suit. And when I mean button-down shirt you should remember if you are wearing it for the nightclub or for a job interview. I had also cases were some candidates didn’t button their top two shirts button. With all fairness, I am not interested in your chest hair.

The female candidates which I had interviewed throughout my career knew well how to dress.

The only comment I can make here is that sometimes less is more. A decent, simple, clean makeup looks way better than too much of it. Also, you need to have not so high heels on. An interview is not a runway or red carpet event.

As a side note:  haircut, beard, clean shoes, perfume, makeup, and fingernails are part of the topic and should fit into your overall professional look. 

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