(Common interview questions and how to answer them)

This question is also linked to the “value proposition” stage in sales. You may want to research how to build an effective value proposition.

To best answer this questions you ideally qualified well what type of person and skill set the company you applied for is looking for. You also need to understand what the hiring manager is looking for and what his/her style is in order to best position yourself.

Neither being shy or humble will help you here.

You need to be precise, confident, direct and to the point in your answer. Moreover, you need actively listen throughout the conversation to feed them back the responses they want to here.

Ideally you have also one or two references who can advocate for you. To wrap up your answer you can say as a final statement something along this line:

“Please do not take only my words and feel free to reach out to Mr. X and or Mrs. Z (your reference) to get feedback on myself.”

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