(Common interview questions and how to answer them)

Let’s have a look on a very classic interview question today:

What are your strengths?

This is another great opportunity to highlight your qualifications and skills, while you are perfectly matching it to the requirements of the role.

Rather than given short buzzwords as respond explain them in a short story your strengths.

Let’s imagine that you are applying for a sales position and you are having an outgoing personality, like to travel, can connect well with people and naturally interested in others.

You shouldn’t say:

“My greatest strengths are that I can connect well to people, I like to travel, I am interested in others and have an outgoing personality.”

A better version instead would be:

“Since I was a child I love to travel. I am very much interested in new cultures and anything else new. It fascinates me to learn and meet new people and I am generally interested in other people. Naturally, through the traveling, I become an outgoing person and can easily connect with strangers and build a common ground for a small talk.”

As a salesperson, you will obviously work very closely with people. So, it is your chance to match your personality and shine as a very good match.

Look back to the excursus sales we went through. This situation is similar to the“value proposition” step. It is your chance to demonstrate why you are a perfect fit. Without overselling yourself.

For any other role: you need to understand which qualities directly correlate with the position you are applying for and build your story around that.

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