Not sure if you had the chance to read my earlier post here.
It was about a potential internship at our PTC Inside Sales organization based in Barcelona.

During this internship, you will learn how to be an effective salesperson without having to resort to pushy sales tricks.
Rather than being an aggressive sales person, you will learn to act as a consultant:
you help identify the needs of your client, and then suggest products and solutions that meet those needs.

You can find below what exactly I mean by that.

We have prepared it for you and I would be really interested if we really understand your needs and if you find yourself along those lines:-)


Dear international Students based in Barcelona,

did you wake up today with enthusiasm to start your day?
Are you looking forward to mastering new challenges in order to acquire new skill sets?
Or are you a bit unsatisfied with too much free time (!) and would like to invest your spare time more wisely?

I am asking because when I talk to students I have had the experience that even though they study a certain academic direction, they don’t have the practical experience to be sure if this is their professional fit.
In addition, they would love to stay after their studies in Barcelona but having challenges to find a job.
And yes, sounds funny, but they also have quite a bit spare time and don’t know how to wisely invest it.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

If yes, would you like to experiment working in a multinational company and collaborating with international teams? And gain insight into a corporate world and to the professions sales, marketing, and business development?

Let me know if you are interested.



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