One-on-One Coaching

Tailored session to strategically approach your needs and build actions to reach your career goal.

Class Coaching

Are you interested to prepare your students for the professional labour market? We offer a variety of workshops which helps students and young professionals to be better prepared for the next job interview. Besides, we are delivering business & soft-skill workshops to help them grow and acquire the necessary knowledge to accelerate their career progression.

Business Consulting

Are you looking to optimize your inside sales team, marketing and social selling activities? Having troubles with employee turnover?
Whether you need to increase productivity, drive higher conversion rates, or scale your team to build a high-effective organization - let us strategically assess your business and work out actionable next steps.


What participants say about the workshops

Amey Kardile

Master Student

I was part of a series of career development workshops conducted by Mustafa Toga. I was inspired by Mustafa's passion for helping young talent grow and develop. As I saw he keeps inspiring, directing and encouraging young talents with the highest commitment and ability. He has outstanding expertise, experience in his profession and a fantastic career coach
I would always recommend Mustafa Toga to any one who are finding Internship/Job for his career services and take maximum benefit of his hands on experience as a career coach.

Jay Sachin Kalamkar

Master Student

I was first introduced to Mustafa during the career webinars organized at RWTH Aachen, I was searching for internships and needed guidance in order to gain an insight for the way to achieve the same. I found the suggestions and advice given by Mustafa very helpful and to some extent was a wake up call to some aspects that I was neglecting in my professional life. He is very approachable after the webinars as well as is patient enough to answer all the questions asked with the same zeal.

Nakul Goenka


I met Mustafa during a career webinar organized at RWTH Aachen, I attended many webinars run by him. The insights that Mustafa provided for job applications were very useful. One more thing I would like to mention, his ability to make an online delivered session so highly interactive is commendable.

Roshan Ravindra Gadkari

Manufacturing Engineer

It’s rare that you come across talent like Mustafa Toga. Mustafa stands out from the rest as an excellent career coach, mentor and a influencer. He continues to motivate, guide and encourage young talents with highest of his dedication and capacity. He has excellent clarity of thoughts and I was in awe of Musti's ability to command a room and get people on board with his amazing ideas. I have benefited a lot by his support and mentoring. I would highly regard and recommend Mustafa Toga as an Mentor and a Career Coach.

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About the book

The Jump

The Jump

Land your dream job

The book is a how-to manual on landing your dream job, excelling in it, and staying happy while doing so.
The aim of this book is to break up the interview process into parts – a step-by-step guide – and link it to ‘sales’, giving insights for each step of the way to help you stand out from the crowd and land your dream job. You will acquire helpful tools on how to best prepare for your next job interview, and, in addition, once you obtain your job, I will share suggestions regarding what you can do in your early career to become successful and find your desired career path.
The book will guide you through the turbulent moments of your professional and personal life, while providing advice on how to balance successful career and keep an eye on what is truly important to you at the end of the day.
It is very suitable for students, graduates and young professionals.